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Digital Media Design | Paige Nelson
This is a showcase of work from the Digital Media Design track (BA Arts) at Florida Gulf Coast University, FGCU; Fort Myers, FL. The works shown here cover print-based and screen-based design, the work is from the DMD Minor and the DMD Concentration. Courses include Video game design, web design, typography, interface and usability design, graphic design and working with professional clients.
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Paige Nelson

About This Project

Travel Website

This project brief focuses on students creating a travel-based website. The theme can be real (based in the real world) or imaginary (based upon fiction, TV settings, books etc.) the students have to think about who their client is and what they would offer a potential customer. They have to think creatively about content as well as navigation and usability. The outcomes are as individual as the students but the sites have to be practical and communicate the travel business to the end-user.

Digital Media Design 1