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Digital Media Design | Kate Dupre
This is a showcase of work from the Digital Media Design track (BA Arts) at Florida Gulf Coast University, FGCU; Fort Myers, FL. The works shown here cover print-based and screen-based design, the work is from the DMD Minor and the DMD Concentration. Courses include Video game design, web design, typography, interface and usability design, graphic design and working with professional clients.
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Kate Dupre

About This Project

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

I Want to Ride My Bicycle is a project celebrating the role that bicycling has played in my life. I have ridden literally thousands of miles throughout my lifetime, and while I may have previously taken its benefits for granted I am now attributing my cycling experiences as a core contributor to my personality and to my happiness.  The movement of muscles, fresh air, energized focus and solace– I am happily addicted to riding my bicycle.

Intended to be read as a chronological timeline, the sequence demonstrates personal maturation; the ranging illustration techniques suggest self discovery.


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