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Digital Media Design | Ian Jackson & Jessica Neumann
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Ian Jackson & Jessica Neumann

About This Project

Project ‘Fit-tech’ (gym space).
The Brief: Experiential Design

Students select one space; Retail Space. Museum Space or Broadcast Space as a platform for their final design project. Designers use these spaces to create deeper and more engaging experiences for customers or users.

Students are tasked with examining and problem-solving improvements or concepts to create a better experience for the users of their chosen space. Students will create concepts and deliver final prototypes of their solutions all of which are backed up with research. For example, a resolution could be a museum that offers touch screens and animations along with the exhibits the leads to better contextualization of knowledge for the visitor. Students must consider the audience range and comfort levels of their technology.

Design Document Jackson-Neumann- Fit-tech (PDF)

Interactive Design