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This is a showcase of work from the Digital Media Design track (BA Arts) at Florida Gulf Coast University, FGCU; Fort Myers, FL. The works shown here cover print-based and screen-based design, the work is from the DMD Minor and the DMD Concentration. Courses include Video game design, web design, typography, interface and usability design, graphic design and working with professional clients.
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Andrew Mullen

About This Project


Final Project: Kobrave

The Brief:

Students will create a final game on a platform of their choice. Projects can be created by an individual or in a group, although working in groups is strongly recommended. Students will be expected to apply concepts and lessons from the rest of the semester into their design thinking as they plan and execute their final projects. The scope of the game should be short – an hour or so.

Deliverables: Interactive prototype of the game concept that gives insight into the game mechanic and game aesthetic.
Character Designs. Illustrations of playable characters.
Environment Design. Map out at least one complete level of the game’s environment to complement and expand on the interactive prototype.

Andrew Mullen – Kobrave Design Document (PDF)

Video Game Design