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Digital Media Design | Courses Offered
This is a showcase of work from the Digital Media Design track (BA Arts) at Florida Gulf Coast University, FGCU; Fort Myers, FL. The works shown here cover print-based and screen-based design, the work is from the DMD Minor and the DMD Concentration. Courses include Video game design, web design, typography, interface and usability design, graphic design and working with professional clients.
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Courses Offered

[ART 2600] Digital Media Design I - 3 credits(s)

Introduction to the fundamentals of digital media design as a critical thinking, conceptual and problem solving discipline. The course will cover screen-based multi-platform media creation (apps, websites, video production) within the standards and applied theories of design practice.
[ART 3614] Digital Media Design II - 3 credits(s)

The course covers specific digital media issues, refining concept development and critical thinking for screen-based media (image manipulation, video/moving image). The course is an intermediate level with projects-focused creative outcomes. Students will engage with live client briefs working within a client/designer relationship.
[ART 4925] Digital Media Workshop - 3 credits(s)

This course is an intensive studies in contemporary issues and methods in digital media/graphic design. Context, content, technical process, and presentation modes are covered, against a framework of the history of digital technologies in design. Course includes both structured and independent studio assignments. Students are encouraged to develop their own outcomes based on research and development of new skill sets.
[ART 4955] Senior Project - 3 credits(s)

The capstone experience for senior design concentration students focusing on the production of a self-generated body of work that is conceptually strong and technically proficient. Exhibition plans and professional preparation will be stressed as students work towards a professional exhibition of their work.
[ART 3633] Web Design - 3 credits(s)

This course introduces the fundamentals of designing for the web including user-focused and experiential design as well as the fundamentals of creating expressive, engaging online media.
[ART 3640] Videogame Design - 3 credits(s)

Introduction to the language, principles and technical skills required for designing for the videogame industry. The course explores designing for play and experiences within the context of art, design and technology.
[ART 3664] Interactive Design - 3 credits(s)

This course introduces the fundamentals of creating interactive design projects across media formats and platforms. The course explores the creation of engaging interactive content that is experimental and expressive.
[GRA 2190] Graphic Design I - 3 credits(s)

This course covers the fundamentals of graphic design as a conceptual, intellectual and problem solving discipline. The course will cover an introduction to typography, visual communication, layout and print based methodologies.
[GRA 3193] Graphic Design II - 3 credits(s)

This course offers an advanced range of industry-focused projects that build upon visual communication skills. The course implements print-based design issues, refining concept development, print production methods and problem solving at a more advanced level.
[GRA 4194] Advanced Graphic Design - 3 credits(s)

This course allows the creation of a body of graphic design work that reflects personal interest in an area or topic that is self-initiated. Outcomes will emphasize abstract problem solving and demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of print and screen based design.
[GRA 2206] Principles of Typography - 3 credits(s)

This course is an introduction to the language, principles and methodologies of typography. The course will explore typographic forms and applications of Typography for screen and print-based mediums.
[PGY 2801] Photography I - 3 credits(s)

This course is an introduction to the technical skills and creative methodologies of photography, including formal composition, image management, digital manipulation, and printing processes.
[PGY 3205] Photography II - 3 credits(s)

This course is an advanced exploration of the principles and practices of photography, including lighting, live shooting, studio environments and digital tools. Professional practices and portfolio preparation emphasized.